Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Item No.: TOPT-10E

Product Description


TOPT-10E Vacuum Freeze Dryer

TOPT-10E model T-type frame lyophilizer matched with 24 pcs standard rubber sealing valve, can be linked with 24 pcs ampoule tube, special requirements can be customized. Applicable to the ampoule tube preservation of bacteria, fungi and other microbial strains, the laboratory is often used ampoule sealed. After lyophilization, the sample is packaged in small ampoules.

Major Characteristics:

1. Match the green environmental protection of international standard;

2. LCD display, Chinese interface, display drying curve;

3. Big openings of the cold trap, without coil pipe inside, have pre-freeze function;

4. Imported compressor, high capability of water-capture, low noise.


Technical indices:

1. Cold trap temperature:<-55℃, (-80℃ is optional)

2. Vacuum degree: <10Pa

3. Water-capture capability: 3kg/24h

4. Power: 600W

5. dimention:425*615*(370+455)mm

6. weight:40Kg