Rotary Evaporator Complementary Products

2016-5-19 11:01:13

Except for rotary evaporator, TOPTION also offers relevant products to meet users' needs at one-stop.

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You may often meet the below problems when operate rotary evaporator:

1. Low receiving rate while evaporating is good.

2. Vacuum pump being corroded.

3. Harmful gas escaping.

4. Sudden solvent bumping.


Rotary evaporator system vacuum degree is higher than normal is the possible reason. If vacuum degree is too high, will cause solvent steam temperature is too low so couldn't be collected efficiently. Release vacuum is need, but other problems will happen if vacuum degree is too low.


To avoid these problems, you need to equip vacuum controller and low temperature cooling circulator for your rotary evaporators, so as to be able to hold at a proper vacuum rate and condensing temperature for an efficient, stable and safe operation.