MHR type high pressure reactor with magnetic coupling mechanical agitation

2016-4-18 16:43:27

1. Rotating speed and temperature control panel (LCD display and Nixie tube display are optional).

2. Internal heat collection heater.

3.4. Stainless steel reactor.

5. Air inlet valve ( sampling valve).

6. Air exhaust valve.

7. Principal axis cooling jacket.

8. The coupling magnetic steel.

9. Sensor insert mouth.

10. Pressure meter.

11. Transmission flexible shaft.

12. Flexible shaft support frame.

13. Dynamical system.

14. MHR high pressure reactor is suitable for small capacity sample reaction, high temp, big viscosity or magnetism medium.

15. Safety explosion protection valve is 12.5MPa, digital display pressure meter is optional.

16. Max working temp:350℃, module electric heating, heating quickly and control temp precise.